Who are we? The masters behind the programing of this are not relevant.  
What you do need to know is that we have found the best coaches in the
business of Speed - Agility - Strength to demo/explain/and create all of the
information that our staff uploads to SpeedAgilityStrength.com  We don't
get this information from books... It's all from live sources that use it in
their every day life.  We want professionals giving you advice, not just
random weekend warriors!  If their isn't scientific evidence behind a
workout or speed drill then we don't want it!
SpeedAgilityStrength.com is the portal for all your speed - agility - strength needs.  We are driven to bring only the best when it comes to
performance.  If a product is found on this site, its because it passed our professional consumer analysis.  Bottom line, if we do it/use it.  Its
the BEST!
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Location SpeedAgilityStrengths home offices are in NC.  Our staff has no
boundaries and we will travel anywhere to help you get one up on your
SAS Coaches If you are a professional and you would like to be apart of
our coaching staff fill out a
Coaching Form.  All of our coaches are
screened not only for brain smarts but also practical application.  If a
coach can't demo a fast leg alternate to the max then they will not instruct
the drill for us!
SAS Pros We are now open to take on any professional athlete that would
like to represent us.  Contact us at saspro@speedagilitystrength.com
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