How old should an athlete be before they start training?  This question is on
every parents mind who has an athlete aged 5-12.  The answer is simple... if the
child is old enough to step on a field... they are old enough to train.  The important
factor here is that it is
absolutely crucial, we will say it again.  Absolutely
that the young athlete trains with a professional that has scientific evidence
based programs specifically for youth athletes.  This cuts out "dad's garage" or the
neighbor who all of a sudden thinks he is a personal trainer because he has a power
rack at home.  Have no fear... we have done the research for you and their are
facilities all over the country that offer professional training for youth athletes.   
Wes Kiser
Highland Gamer
- advanced speed training  video
- combine edge  | defeating the pro shuttle |  video
- linebacker nation  video
- quicker feet with duck tape  video
- nervous system development training  video
- reaction drills  video
- Day1 acceleration Training with Scott B.  video
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